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The picturesque routes offered by Liguria are innumerable. The fashionable Santa Margherita Ligure Portofino, the elegant, romantic picturesque Portovenere and the Cinque Terre with the famous Via dell'Amore are unknown to most and within easy reach of Carrara by car or train.
Guests of Hotel Dora we report often unknown to mass tourism destination but popular among locals for their quiet atmosphere.
For those who love the sea and is looking for a romantic beach away from the crowds, we report Punta Bianca and the promontory of Caprione, near Monte Marcello. The scenic route and walk in the Woods to reach the bay are worth the trip

In front of Portovenere lies the island of Palmaria. Used sea taxi service to reach it directly from the port of Portovenere or ask a boatman to take you: you'll discover a clear and ventilated bays where it will be pleasant to spend the day. In addition to shuttle you can also book boat trips circumnavigating the island and entering the spectacular bays accessible only by boat. And if you just want an ice cream or a cold drink, you'll be pleased to discover that the local boatmen offer a bar service at sea at the disposal of the boats moored but also reach the shore for the joy of bathers.

Tellaro and Lerici are among the most beautiful villages of the Eastern riviera. Little jewels to be discovered with a walk at sunset or after a dinner of fish in many restaurants in the area.

The roads that climb the capes of the Eastern Ligurian coast, first between the Gulf of poets and the Gulf of La Spezia, is a popular destination for walkers and cyclists also because they offer a unique combination between sports performance and breathtaking views.

For those wishing to explore inland, the Val di Vara, in the province of La Spezia, suggestive views and unexpected culinary surprises. A fast food and wine tour of the Val di Vara is the perfect complement for a naturalistic and food and wine stay discovering the riches of the nearby Lunigiana, land of castles and burghers traditions.

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