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Carrara is world renowned as the capital of white marble. The peaks of the Apuan Alps whitewashed stone embrace the city and surround all the way to the sea.

The traveler that wants to organize independently his stay and visit the quarries, may contact tour tracking services directly along the streets of lifts at the docks (that is the areas at high altitude where there are the quarries). The two quarries closer to town are Colonnata and Fantiscritti, both reachable by car from the Centre of Carrara following the many directions for the localities of the same name. The service of guided visits most known is Marmotour, but many others are available to organize packages.

To find many sculpture workshops working in town, just do a quick search online or telephone and contact the lab. Visitors often, in smaller numbers, are admitted free. Sculpture workshops open to the public are also found along the streets of lifts at the docks, so just follow the signs to the Fantiscritti and Colonnata and admire the artists directly to work. Among the largest and oldest sculpture workshops of Carrara deserve mention workshops Nicoli and the Art Studio Telara.

For those who wish to go in search of the beautiful architecture of the city, the historic centre contains small jewels that will show generous even to the passer-by engaged in city shopping. The Romanesque cathedral dedicated to Sant'Andrea is certainly one of the main attractions of the city, following the historic buildings overlooking Central Piazza Alberica and not far away, walking, theatre Animosi and Palazzo Cybo Malaspina seat of the Academy of fine arts. At aperitif time Alberica square and the Central via Roma and via Verdi become the heartbeat of the city nightlife.

The traveller who loves nature will have to choose between sea and mountains. The Apuan Alps are suitable for hikers of all levels of preparation and training, just choose the path that meets your needs. The local branches of the CAI (Carrara and Massa) and the site of the regional park of the Apuan Alps can provide useful information. Guided tours of the Orto Botanico delle Alpi Apuane Pilgrims and nature walks with guide inside the nearby Parco dell'Orecchiella is an accessible alternative for families with children.

The Alps are also popular destination for climbers and cavers, who will take advantage of paths and equipment easily accessible by car. For climbing the via ferrata del Monte Contrario while for fans to not miss the caves complex Antro del Corchia.

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